Monthly Archives: August 2006


i’m addicted to Grey’s anatomy.


lesson #1: the first couple of weekends of the semester are the most fun. especially in the fall since it’s really nice out. there are tons of parties going on – housewarmings, frat recruitment, reunions, whatever – and you can literally just walk down the streets and party hop from one to another. this being said, why would you ever, ever go to the bar instead? the liquor board is out so it’s hard to get in with a fake ID, but even if you’re twenty-one and can safely pass the license inspection, why would you miss out on the fun craziness that is the first weekends back at College Park?

the irony

One of my biggest frustrations in Paris was that my roommate and I were on different schedules and I lived about 45 minutes from all my friends. I hated coming home to an empty apartment at the end of the night. As someone put it, you can take the girl out of the sorority house, but you can’t take the sorority house out of the girl.

So, it’s a little ironic that my first night back in College Park for the year, I have to sleep alone because my roommate won’t be moving in until Friday. But I can survive two nights, since it won’t be a problem after that.