Monthly Archives: January 2006


I leave for Paris tomorrow.

I think this may be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

to do

Things to be done before I leave – an abridged list!

1. Pay the parking ticket I got in Harvard Square two days ago when I was there with Micki, one of my best friends from school, who was visiting Boston after a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, and a three-week vacation in South Africa. We met up with another one of our friends from school and had lunch at the famous sandwhich shop (where the sandwiches all have names like Jeb “favorite bush” Bush sandwich), browsed at Urban Outfitters and the Gap, walked a lot. And somewhere in between I got the meter 7 minutes late…

Maybe I should use, which guarantees that my parking ticket will be reduced or dismissed. Although, it would probably cost more to fight my ticket than to just pay the $20.

2. Buy a Wi-Fi USB stick. Right now, I have a linksys adapter and it kills me that for my wireless internet connection to work, I need a wire!

3. Buy a backpacking backpack. My stepfather has one so I might just use his… but really, I have no clue on this one. It just needs to be done.

4. Submit my petition for reduced dues for my sorority. Because, although I’ll still have to pay about $150 for National Dues, it’s better than paying the whole amount. This is easy to do, I just have to write a letter explaining where I’ll be next semester and fill out an application. I just have to stop putting it off.

5. Comfortable walking shoes and well-fitting jeans. Perhaps a sweater or two, also.

6. Put together e-mails and physical addressses of people I want to stay in contact with abroad.

7. Get 6 passport-sze photgraphs taken. I was told that they don’t need to be high quality – I can et them done at one of those 2 minute photo booths that cost $3. The problem is that the only one I know of is at the AMC Theatre in Burlington and it hasn’t been there for at least 4 years. Does anyone know of another one in the Boston area?

That’s all I can thinking of for now. But I’m sure this list needs to be continued…

it’s magic

Just like David Copperfield, I can do something magic, too. Specifically that of disappearing and reappearing.

I really don’t remember why I stopped posting during the summer. I can imagine I got burnt out. I was working almost 40 hours a week, going out almost every night and probably fighting with my mother constantly.

At the end of August, I returned to school for my fall semester as a junior. I took a variety of classes – Introduction to French Literature, Business Writing, International Economics, Business Law – and only one that had anything to do with Marketing: Consumer Analysis.

Now consumer analysis is, understandably, very important to those in the Marketing field. I wrote a analyzing the commercials during Apprentice, I wrote a paper analyzing generational values, I wrote a paper analyzing different ad campaigns and their marketing approach… (See where the analysis comes in?) But really, did I learn anything worthwhile that I’ll be able to apply to the real world? It’s doubtful. Not that I’m complaining or anything… I got an A in the class.

Well, now I’m back home. I’ve been doing projects for three different start-ups; all are places where I’ve been previously employeed. I working mostly for the company I worked for this summer, plus doing small things for the two others on the side… and I’ve got lots of interesting stories to share!

More to come…