Monthly Archives: June 2001


i need to change my profile, but i dont’ want to lose it.. so i’m just oging to put it here

to all my dears, i love y’all with all my heart & soul. stay innocent forever. live life to the fullest. make sure to never have any regrets. get some play! When all else fails, lower your standards

my greatest goal in life is to marry my best friend

send luv to~ LP,PA,LA,JPH,LL,CS,CH,& others!


ok.. so my favorite all-time show is the real world and my goal in life is to get on. I’ve decided i’m going to apply every year from the time i’m 18 to when i am 25. but i hope they pick me when i’m like 21, 22.. cause then i can get my party on. you know what i’m saying?

i only have two hours left of school, and then i will *hopefully* never again be a sophomore in high school. its craziness to think about how fast everything has gone by… i mean, only a couple years ago, we were all wondering what seventh grade was going to be like! (i have the pictures)…

and i’ would’ve never thought that people would turn out the way that htye have.. except maybe horigan… but we all have grown up together and grown to love each other in the process and thats what life is ultimiately about isnt’ it? (i’m a dork.. i’m aware!)

so for now, relax and enjoy the summer… (ha ha ha…) i’ll write more lata but i going to crash in like ten nmin… so i’m headin to bed..


so you know htat BIG hisotry final/presentation that iw as stresing over? 94! oh yea, i got the right stuff, baby!